Call from Mars

Transmit your sound recording from Mars to the Earth

In 2021, the first European planetary rover of the ExoMars mission will land on Mars. Its landing platform will host an onboard memory device. This device may contain also your sound recording. Send us 30 seconds of sound and we will transport it to Mars and transmit it back to the Earth.

List of audio recordings

El Risitas - Issou

Author: Ramal K-Larima
Country: France
Number of votes: 7294
Ensemble, faisons résonner le rire d'El Risitas à travers les rouges plaines de Mars ! Nous avons la CHANCE de pouvoir faire entendre jusqu'aux confins de notre planète le "Issou" et la "Chancla" de notre espagnol préféré ! Profitons-en !

Hello Mars, I am WengNuan

Author: Nuan Weng
Country: China
Number of votes: 5811
Hi, Mars. I greet you in English, French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Although I am only a pupil, I dream, hope even believe that when we grow up, Man will be able to go to Mars.

Letter to space

Author: Sofia Velasco
Country: France
Number of votes: 4408
A guitar music played and composed by "Michi Garcia" and a text read and written by "Sofía Velasco". Everything (text, music and recording) made specifically for this project, in order to replace the Human as a center, reminding us that in uniting the Men arrive to make possible the greatest wonders, including the arrival on Mars .

House On Mars

Author: Arjen Lucassen
Country: Netherlands
Number of votes: 3604
This is dedicated to the ExoMars Rover, on its lonely journey far from home, bravely striving to help us answer some of humanity's biggest questions: Are we alone in the universe? Is there a future for us amongst the stars?

Nikos Kazantzakis quote

Author: Ellinogermaniki Agogi
Country: Greece
Number of votes: 2757
Nikos Kazantzakis quote from Greek students of Ellinogermaniki Agogi High School: Stathopoulos T, Hounta M & Thermogianni A.

I am not the God of War amongst yourselves

Author: Cédrick Ventura
Country: France
Number of votes: 1767
As this is after all a European endeavour, I wanted to leave a message that simultaneously refers to our past, our present condition and our future. Quite obviously, this message remains valid for all the inhabitants of our planet and especially so for the future colonists of the red planet. The reference to Hellenism, the generic religious undertones and the hint at the challenges that we still need to meet (Brexit among others) seem to me an apt synthesis of our hopes and strengths.

Orphic Fragment of Petelia Gold Tablet

Author: Hélène Kémiktsi
Country: Greece
Number of votes: 1586
The recording concerns an Orphic fragment on a child of the earth and the starry sky. The subject fits perfectly with the space mission.

Hua Chenyu

Author: 花星人 Hua's Martians
Country: China
Number of votes: 1460
Hua Chenyu is a music genius. His millions of fans are called martians and he considers himself coming from Mars. He often talks in his songs about aliens, universe and existence. The sound of his music is celestial, the Universe needs to hear his voice and emotions! He is one of a kind! Please, vote!

Dimash Kudaibergen - S.O.S.

Author: Di Diars
Country: Kazakhstan
Number of votes: 1458
Dimash is a sensation in the world of music! Famous vocal coaches call him a cosmic guy! Incredible range and artistry, this voice should sound for all planets of the Universe!

Baby Tom is laughing

Author: Laurent Hirsch
Country: France
Number of votes: 1118
I recorded my son, Tom, while he was laughing. I found it very funny, positive and inspiring :-))) It was in December 2018. Tom was 6 months old. My wife and I adopted Tom when he was 3 months old. He is a very joyful baby, often smiling and laughing :-) Why sending this sound to Mars: => It's positive, fun, quick and easy to understand. => Everyone made such a sound, so we can say it's universal. => In a way, I find that it's a good symbol for mankind.

Battlestar Galactica - Main Title

Author: Miloš Mikoláš
Country: Czechia
Number of votes: 1090
Battlestar Galactica has traveled a great deal of space and is the best science fiction series of the begining of 21st century.

The last message of Professor Stephen Hawking (1942 - 2018)

Author: Alex Vega
Country: Mexico
Number of votes: 971
Stephen Hawking's Inspiring Last Words on the Importance of Science.

Interestellar's Cornfield Chase by Hans Zimmer

Author: Gerard Mendoza Ferrandis
Country: Spain
Number of votes: 900
It's a fragment of the original soundtrack from Interestellar. It is a song that makes me feel calmed and intrigued. I beleive that these are the feelings that Mission Control will feel after the landing Calm as they'll know that the landing was a success, and intrigued to see all the new discoveries that the rover will make.

United Federation of Planets

Author: Starfleet Academy
Country: Israel
Number of votes: 840
The time to create the Stafleet Academy has come, because you are not alone from the beginning: (editor removed html link)

Mars Test Transmission Alpha 001

Author: Pieter Johannes Lombard
Country: South Africa
Number of votes: 740
A kind, lighthearted greeting.


Author: Ivan Tomášik
Country: Czechia
Number of votes: 704
Dnes již klasická česká hláška z filmu Pelíšky. Pokud si vědci umí ze sebe udělat trochu srandu tak na tohle tahle hláška sedí skvěle.

Issou Night Club

Author: Jean Eude
Country: France
Number of votes: 573
Ensemble, faisons résonner Issou Night Club à travers les rouges plaines de Mars !

Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)

Author: Ester Muratori
Country: Italy
Number of votes: 480
In this track, Ester sings the refrain's cover of "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu" by Domenico Modugno: the most famous italian song played all over the world. Fly always was THE dream of mankind, and now we can fly and go to Mars! I hope you enjoy it.

wonderfull planet

Author: katayoon kankia
Country: Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Number of votes: 371
I love space and try to discover other worlds as I wish, if I could not put myself on other planets, I would love to hear it there.

Galician is Cool

Country: Spain
Number of votes: 327
4 years old girls and boys want their mother tonge to get to Mars because in Galician everything sounds better and is really cool
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