Call from Mars

Transmit your sound recording from Mars to the Earth

In 2021, the first European planetary rover of the ExoMars mission will land on Mars. Its landing platform will host an onboard memory device. This device may contain also your sound recording. Send us 30 seconds of sound and we will transport it to Mars and transmit it back to the Earth.

List of audio recordings


Author: Philippe Fagnoni
Country: France
Number of votes: 66
This is a musical message of Hope and Peace from Earth to Mars recorded by AstroVoyager (the French electro-symphonic music composer) & the Prague Concert Philharmonic… Close your eyes… Now just imagine this epic sound playing on Mars…

Milo the radioactive spider of 3 years

Author: Aurélien Lopes
Country: France
Number of votes: 55
Milo has nothing to do other than share his favorite nursery rhyme of the moment, surely the most universal for a 3 year old boy ...

Win XP start up sound

Author: Karel Peleška
Country: Czechia
Number of votes: 54
Win XP start up sound

Just DO IT!

Author: Mariano Arg
Country: Argentina
Number of votes: 47
Any kind of extraterrestrial life should know that humans don't give up, that we work hard and make our dreams come true and that we know nothing is impossible.

The plea for the Earth

Author: Renata Máslová
Country: Czechia
Number of votes: 43
The part of song The plea for the Earth (from the unprofessional women´s ukulele band BabyBanda) appeal to people for rescue of the Earth.


Author: Manon FEUBEL
Country: Canada
Number of votes: 43
Lyrical Vocalyze

Message from children.

Author: David Elicer
Country: Czechia
Number of votes: 42
Children's message to all people.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Author: Jan Gromeš
Country: Czechia
Number of votes: 40
Rickrolling is a long-standing Earth tradition. Unfortunately, all Martian lifeforms were deprived of this miracle of true modern art. Now is the time to fix this injustice!

Anthem of Europe

Author: Pavol Kukla
Country: Slovakia
Number of votes: 40
"Anthem of Europe" is the anthem of the Council of Europe and the European Union. It is based on "Ode to Joy" from the final movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony composed in 1823. It expresses the ideals of a united Europe: freedom, peace, and solidarity.

Singing by a Song bird

Author: Wai Mui Lucy Chan
Country: Hong Kong
Number of votes: 40
A beautiful singing by a song bird. Originally recorded in a metropolitan city on Earth - Hong Kong.

Když to srovnám s tím naším výletem na Kokořín...

Author: Michal Dvořák
Country: Czechia
Number of votes: 39
Co je na Marsu? Prd.

Looking up to the Starry Sky

Author: ShiYang Duan
Country: China
Number of votes: 38
This is a Chinese poem.It expressed the desire for space.

We are children

Author: Lucie Lacassain
Country: France
Number of votes: 36
This an introduction of our class, where we are located and we say "hello" in differents languages (14). we must be broadcast on Mars because we are children, the future of our world and we want to say welcome to our future and maybe to Martians in a lot of languages of our planet.


Author: Michel Bériat
Country: France
Number of votes: 35
Lyrics and music Humanity is Precious , it's the Magic side of Life made of Stardust , it's a gift and everybody must be conscious that it is so fragile !!!!! it's a Stong message to be sended from Mars


Author: Abia Dasein
Country: France
Number of votes: 34
Just a poem from a female earhtling who is looking for her "Pensacola beach" up there, out there, anywhere... Maybe my voice could be the first one to be ever broadcasted on Mars, maybe not. I am just grateful to be able to take part in this contest. "Small moves, Ellie, small moves"...

No more flowers

Author: Angélique Niclas
Country: France
Number of votes: 34
This is an air from the Clemency of Titus, a Mozart opera. I think that Mozart's music has its place in the universe and that all humans or non-humans must know it. This air invites peace and harmony despite quarrels and differences. This sound may meet a celestial echo and will be closer to Mozart anyway.

A day dream

Author: Regina Blu
Country: Greece
Number of votes: 33
This is a fantasy, a day dream of when you close your eyes and imagine a beautiful vision of what it's like to feel content and warm inside. Happy and serene. Swirling gently above the ground, swaying in the air with the warm rays of the sun laving your face and a sweet ethereal breeze kissing your forehead. Smiling....happy!

ExoMars Hope

Author: Etienne Colle
Country: France
Number of votes: 32
Our musical piece with lyrics is a message of hope for the conquest of Mars and is made with clear sounds for all types of transmissions.

Russian, Azerbaijani, Tatar, Kabardian, Moldavian.

Author: Эльвира Сайфиева
Country: Russian Federation
Number of votes: 31
Оn the background the record you can hear voices of children speaking the languages ​​of the USSR.


Author: Aziz Bouteflika
Country: France
Number of votes: 29
To make understand to the newfags of martians that we must not laugh with the photo
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