Call from Mars

decide which sound we will broadcast from Mars to Earth

In March 2021 the first European planetary rover will land on Mars as part of the ExoMars mission. The rover's landing platform will carry 11 sound recordings (selected in this project) in the memory of a Czech scientific instrument. The sound recording that receives the most votes before the ExoMars probe lands on Mars will be transmitted back to Earth.

Sound recording detail

Greetings martecianos

Author: María del Pilar Martínez Montero
Country: Spain
Number of votes: 0
Basic description of sound
Porque hay gallegos en todos lados y seguro que en Marte también, asique le enviamos un cariñoso saludo con un chiste para que pasen un buen día.
Basic description of sound (English)
Because there are "gallegos"everywhere and surely on Mars todo,let's send him q loving greetings with a joke so they have a nice day.
Transcription of sound
Hola "Martecianos" ,somos galegos de Allariz. Eeee recordade despois do Marte ven o Mercore.
Transcription of sound (English)
Hello Martecianos, se are Galician oficina Allariz. Anddddd remembered after Mars comes Mercore.

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