Call from Mars

Transmit your sound recording from Mars to the Earth

In 2021, the first European planetary rover of the ExoMars mission will land on Mars. Its landing platform will host an onboard memory device. This device may contain also your sound recording. Send us 30 seconds of sound and we will transport it to Mars and transmit it back to the Earth.

Sound recording detail

Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)

Author: Ester Muratori
Country: Italy
Number of votes: 480
In this track, Ester sings the refrain's cover of "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu" by Domenico Modugno: the most famous italian song played all over the world. Fly always was THE dream of mankind, and now we can fly and go to Mars! I hope you enjoy it.
Words of the recording
"Volare, oh oh Cantare, oh oh oh oh Nel blu dipinto di blu Felice di stare lassù Nel blu degli occhi tuoi blu Felice di stare quaggiù Con te!"

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