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Transmit your sound recording from Mars to the Earth

In 2021, the first European planetary rover of the ExoMars mission will land on Mars. Its landing platform will host an onboard memory device. This device may contain also your sound recording. Send us 30 seconds of sound and we will transport it to Mars and transmit it back to the Earth.

Sound recording detail

Hua Chenyu

Author: 花星人 Hua's Martians
Country: China
Number of votes: 1460
Basic description of sound
华晨宇是一位音乐天才。他的数百万粉丝被称为火星人,他认为自己来自火星。他经常在他的歌曲中谈论外星人,宇宙和存在。 他的音乐声音是天体,宇宙需要听到他的声音和情感!他是独一无二的! 请投票!
Basic description of sound (English)
Hua Chenyu is a music genius. His millions of fans are called martians and he considers himself coming from Mars. He often talks in his songs about aliens, universe and existence. The sound of his music is celestial, the Universe needs to hear his voice and emotions! He is one of a kind! Please, vote!
Transcription of sound
zài yǔ zhòu zhōng chāo guāng sù le ma duǒ zài yín hé hòu shéi huì fā xiàn wǒ qí guài de mèng yè kōng fēi bēn chū xiàng yī zhǐ jù lù zài hēi sè zhōng
Transcription of sound (English)
Have I passed the speed of light in the universe? Hiding behind the galaxy Who can find me? A strange dream flying across the night sky Like a giant deer In the darkness

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