Call from Mars

decide which sound we will broadcast from Mars to Earth

In March 2021 the first European planetary rover will land on Mars as part of the ExoMars mission. The rover's landing platform will carry 11 sound recordings (selected in this project) in the memory of a Czech scientific instrument. The sound recording that receives the most votes before the ExoMars probe lands on Mars will be transmitted back to Earth.

Sound recording detail


Author: Joseph Zaccara
Country: France
Number of votes: 0
Basic description of sound
Malgré l'enthousiasme que suscite sa mission, Rosalind FRANKLIN se retrouve seule dans un monde totalement inhospitalier, prenant ainsi conscience de l'incroyable chance que les hommes ont de vivre sur leur merveilleuse planète bleue. La fraternité, dont son message nous invite à faire preuve, est essentielle pour préserver notre Terre, au mieux, de tous les dangers qui la menacent.
Basic description of sound (English)
Despite the enthusiasm of his mission, Rosalind FRANKLIN finds herself alone in a totally inhospitable world, realizing the incredible chance that men have of living on their wonderful blue planet. The fraternity, whose message invites us to demonstrate, is essential to preserve our Earth, at best, of all the dangers that threaten it.
Transcription of sound
Un autre avenir, pour l’homme, se profilerait par ici. Dans mon cœur en silicium pointe une émotion infinie. Du fond des plaines de Mars, je rêve de vous voir vivre en frères ; Sans cesse près de vous, ce message pour notre planète bleue : Terre, Terre !
Transcription of sound (English)
Another future for man would be here. In my Silicon heart points an infinite emotion. From the lowlands of Mars, I dream of seeing you live as brothers; Constantly close to you, this is my message for the blue planet : Earth, Earth !

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