Call from Mars

decide which sound we will broadcast from Mars to Earth

In March 2021 the first European planetary rover will land on Mars as part of the ExoMars mission. The rover's landing platform will carry 11 sound recordings (selected in this project) in the memory of a Czech scientific instrument. The sound recording that receives the most votes before the ExoMars probe lands on Mars will be transmitted back to Earth.

Sound recording detail

Mars is cool

Author: Прасковья Ушакова
Country: Russian Federation
Number of votes: 10
My name is Praskovya, I'm 11 years old and I want people to know that Mars is a beautiful planet that is always waiting for earthlings to visit. Mankind has created many works associated with Mars. My favorite song is Noize MC “Mars Fun” is one of them.
Words of the recording
My name is Praskovya, I am 11 years old and I call you from Mars. Mars is very cool. There are red sands, steep mountains, craters and nothing compares to these beautiful sunsets. Here, the truth is chilly and the pressure is low, but two beautiful moons and very bright stars. We are waiting for you, earthlings. Come to us!

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